Kyle's Korner grief support services

All grieving children, teens and their families can benefit from Kyle's Korner's peer grief support groups. Families are welcome to participate in support groups as long as they feel they are getting benefit from their attendance. Groups are ongoing and are led by specially trained community volunteer facilitators. Program oversight is provided by the Director of Programs and Services and the Assistant Program Director.

To attend Kyle's Korner, families take the following steps:

  1. Contact Kyle's Korner by phone.
  2. Schedule an initial parent/caregiver orientation and tour.
  3. If the parent/caregiver believes Kyle's Korner will benefit their family, a second orientation and tour is given to the entire family.
  4. The family is then matched to the best peer support group available to them and the family commits to consistent attendance to the bi-weekly groups.
  5. Kyle's Korner provides community resource referrals and information to families on an as-needed basis.

We ask the families to give us a two week notice when they decide that they are ready to leave Kyle's Korner, so that a farewell ceremony can be held.


1. Call Kyle's Korner 414-777-1585 to begin the process. We encourage the parent or guardian of child(ren) to make this call. The staff member who takes your call will ask for basic information such as your name, address, names and ages of your children, who died and when.

You will be asked:

  • How your family is doing
  • The circumstances of the death
  • Who referred you to Kyle's Korner
  • A time will be set for parent/guardian to come in for an intake and tour

2. During the intake you will

  • Be given an explanation of the program
  • Be asked to describe how you are doing
  • Describe how your child(ren) are doing
  • The family's current needs will be assessed
  • Ask for emergency contact information
  • Set an appointment for your child(ren) to come in

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