What Our Families Say About Us

When asked about their Kyle's Korner experience

  • "I thought the staff was extremely helpful in getting me and my daughter through this difficult time. I have learned a lot with regards to grieving and dealing with such a loss. My daughter was given good self esteem tools and made to feel safer and 'normal'"
  • "I found Kyle's Korner a nurturing environment where I could meet others going through similar experiences, made friends and felt no longer so alone or isolated in my experiences."
  • "They were extremely helpful in helping both me and my daughter.  It was private and comforting.  I loved having meals with other families."

When asked what was most helpful

  • "Having an avenue for the boys to come and be with other children who have suffered a loss so they realize they are not alone with their experience"
  • "The facilitators, themes, bonding between each age group. Sometimes having a family-like meal together when my family feels broken sometimes"
  • "An environment separate from the rest of our lives for the purpose of processing grief was helpful."
  • "Listening to others-knowing I was not alone. It was ok to be angry. I really enjoyed every facilitator"
  • "Being around other people who understand"
  • "Listening to other parents and how they cope.  Being ready to move ahead without guilt and learning that at Kyle's Korner."

General thoughts, feelings and comments about Kyle's Korner

  • "This organization is crucial to our community and all the families and children that need help. I will always support and be thankful for what you do."
  • "We really enjoyed being there. It did help our family immensely. I, we, really wish we could still attend"
  • "Thank you for what you do each and every day!"
  • "Strongly recommend this program and to keep it going"
  • "Thank you for all your help. It was good to know that such a place exists. My daughter is very "ok" with what happened-knows it is not her fault and seems in a good place"
  • "I loved the warmth environment and a place where I felt I belonged. I was able to talk about my most fragile, heartbroken soul, and others listened as well as offered gentle advice and friendship."
  • "Kyles Korner was a godsend for my family.  They helped my grandson and me cope with the unexpected death of his sister, my granddaughter.  We didn't find out about the program until 15 months after our loss.  I saw immediate improvement in his behavior and attitude in one short month.  I'm thankful that we are welcome back anytime in the future if need be."


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