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Worry Wranglers

When Worry and Anxiety Remain in the Spotlight

We all worry, and sometimes it just can't be avoided. But for kids of all ages, worry can become an inescapable heavy weight to carry around. Worry and anxiety can appear in lots of different ways:

  • sweating palms
  • clenched teeth
  • foggy brain
  • racing thoughts
  • squinched eyebrows
  • pounding heart
  • knotted-up stomach
  • sweaty face
  • and even feeling dizzy and jittery 

  Worry needs to be wrangled up and put in its place!

Here are some practical and easy steps to follow: 

  1.  Look Again- Is there something good about this situation that may have been overlooked?
  2.  Time Travel- Has something like this happened before? How did it turn out? What would help?
  3. Fact Finder- Do you have all the facts? Is there more to the story that might make a difference? 
  4. Worst Case Scenario- Even if the worst happens, will it really matter at the end of the day or week? Let the small stuff slide away!

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