Dedicated to helping grieving
children, teens and their families
  • Professional Development
    • Provide educators within schools, churches and and other environments with information and expertise in dealing with grief and loss.
    • Instruct them how to introduce age appropriate discussion on loss and grief.
    • Equip them with concepts and techniques for effective interventions.
    • Facilitate a sense of comfort in discussing loss and grief with various age levels.

These objectives can be met through a one day, two day, or three day training. The agency can be readily available to consult education staff during a crisis and help develop a plan of intervention.


  • Consultation for Grieving Children and Teens
    • To understand the developmental differences pertaining to children in grief.
    • Introduce classroom curriculum in facilitating discussions on loss and grief.
    • Provide resources of various forms to help with facilitation.

 Consultation is available for the classroom, parents, and an educational series.


  • Parent Education
    • To provide parents with tools, concepts, and coping skills in dealing with grieving children
    • Provide resources for parents in coping with the death
    • To understand the developmental differences of children who are grieving

Kyle's Korner is the work and creation of dedicated bereavement specialists within the Milwaukee area community who are committed to supporting grieving families with children ages 5-18 years of age.

Kyle's Korner
7106 W. North Ave.
Wauwatosa, WI 53213

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